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Packs- The Breakdown


To many, the topics of packs have always been taboo, or something that not many people in the Otherkin community discussed. Something that unless you belonged to a Pack, you weren’t privy to the information. Hell usually its unless you belong to the pack you are talking about. So grab something to drink because we are about to delve as deep as I am willing to go on the topic of packs.

Packs tend to usually be very secretive with information about their pack, I know mine is. I’m lucky I know the Betas ( I happen to be one of them) and the Alphas (my older brother and his girlfriend). So I know certain things that a lot of people would be excited to know.

To start, let’s discuss the ranks within packs. The highest rank in a pack (mine at least) is Alpha. Within my pack there is an Alpha Male and an Alpha Female, who I already named. The Alpha(s) are the ones in charge of the pack, and everything that the pack does. An Alpha is typically easily spotted when out with their pack as they are usually the one the whole pack turns to when a question arises,, or decision that affects the pack needs to be made. The Alpha(s) is also responsible for hearing grievances among pack members, and doling out justice, though sometimes the Pack Beta(s) carry out said justice. While not always built, Alpha’s do tend to be on the physically fit side, and carry themselves confidently. They also tend to give off a very Dominant Aura/Demeanor, and tone of voice (before I was Beta, my brother had never used that tone of voice around me, one night he used to tell my moms dog to quiet down and well, inner wolf was steam rolled, not fun I might add).

Next in the Pack is the rank of Beta. Again in some Packs, there is a Beta Male and Female, sometimes Mated, sometimes not (I am not Mated to the Beta Male of my Pack, that would be weird seeing as he is one of my brother’s best friends). The Beta(s) serve as the seconds of the Alpha, and they tend to be the Enforcers of the Pack. They typically have known the Alpha the longest, and were there at the formation of the Pack. The Beta(s) usually are very physically fit, and it serves their purpose in the Pack. Though some Betas are not, they are still strong and powerful. Betas can be recognized by the same Aura as Alphas, just a little less in your face.

The next role in a pack, is the lowest rank, the Omega. The Omega is the one rank no one wants. This rank signifies usually they did something to piss off a member of the Pack (typically the Alpha or Beta) or lost a challenge. The omega is usually the one with the shit jobs, or gets shit on (not literally). The Omega of my pack happens to be the old Beta (who decided stalking me was a good idea. My brother didn’t take it lightly).

The rest of the pack are just members. They have no distinct function or role, though sometimes someone will be assigned a specific task or chore.

The leadership in my pack is pretty much the same as any Packs. If an issue that needs tending arises, the Pack will try to get together for a Pack Meeting (which is a fancy way of saying we crowd into my brother’s room, and talk). If a meeting is not feasible, we all will message each other or group call, and talk the issue out. Typically the Alpha runs the Pack, and has the most responsibility, though the Beta(s) do have some as well. When talking isn’t enough, sometimes fights erupt. Sometimes those fights lead to challenges, or if the accusing party is someone in a position of power in the Pack, they are ousted from their position in favor of someone new.

What happens when one gets ousted and why can they? There are a variety of reasons that can get a pack member ousted from their position in the pack:

  •  Not taking responsibilities seriously
  • Abusing power of said position
  • Losing a challenge
  • Walking willingly away from said position

Typically when ousted from a position of power, that person becomes a regular pack member, though in special occasions they become the new omega, promoting the old omega to regular pack member.

When someone believes they are better suited for a position of power within the Pack, a challenge is issued. The challenge is usually for the challengee to fight the challenger for the position (though I do NOT recommend doing this. Did it once when I was eighteen. My ass was black for two weeks, never said my brother was not a Sadist, in fact I know he is. He whopped my butt for thinking I could challenge him). When one party is defeated (loses), the winner typically will push their hand against the loser’s throat until the loser acknowledges the loss, and turns their head to expose their throat in submission. If the challenger is the one to lose, sometimes they will be demoted to Omega, though sometimes the Challengee is. It depends on the two fighting and the Alpha.

To most, Packs represent family and a place to belong. The Pack becomes their saving grace. A pack truly does function as a family unit, with everyone helping each other. To me, my brother’s Pack was somewhere I could be me, a hybrid who happened upon the role of Beta when the old beta male and female were ousted by the Alpha. My Pack is small, I think twenty or so members, but it is still family to me. See I was not a well liked member of my local Otherkin community for what I am. A psi-vamp/wolf hybrid. When others find out my brother has (that I know of) two vamps in his Pack, the reaction I pretty stereotypical. Confusion and sometimes disgust.

When a new member comes into the Pack, they are usually given the rundown and told the Pack rules. Each member is received them differently. When I first officially entered my brother’s Pack, I brought with me (figuratively) three little brothers I needed to protect. Two are vamps, one is not. My brother welcomed all of us with open arms, and everyone in the Pack made themselves available to talk. That is typically how it goes for all new Pack members.

Pack interaction between Packs I have limited knowledge of. I have only seen one interpack interaction and it was in public. It wasn’t that formal, but there was still a degree of formality to it. Hand shaking and introductions with whispered titles.

When out and about, Packs have a certain way of moving and standing. The Alpha will usually stand at the front, with or without his mate (depending on the situation. I was once out with my brother and his then girlfriend and she stood behind his left shoulder and off at an angle a bit. I was the same to his right). The Beta(s) will typically be right behind their Alpha, flanking him, and if there is only one Beta, the next strongest Pack Member will usually stand with them. The rest of the Pack will usually mill around together, moving in small groups or lines.

Though I can argue being part of a Pack can be annoying. Anything that can have an affect on the Pack needs careful consideration, and talking over. You do have to put your best foot forward when out with or representing the Pack. There  are not many cons to being in a Pack.

Any questions? Comment down below and I will try to get back to you. Thank you and have a nice night.



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