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Healing Energy


How do we draw healing energy? Here are three methods.

One is to visualize our larger, higher self attached to our mind through our crown chakra (back of the top of the head). Ask it to send healing energy to you.

If you astrally project or shamanically travel, visit a healing pool (your spirit guides can direct you). This is often seen as a lake filled with healing energy. You can swim in the pool, pour “water” onto your head with a bowl, whatever feels right. Visualize and know that this energy is soaking into you physically and mentally, and will continue to heal you over time. Come back to bathe here often.

Other external sources of healing energy, such as Reiki, also exist. Ignore most of the commercialized dogma surrounding the Reiki. It’s an intelligent energy that knows where to go within your body/mind. There’s no need for an attunement ritual or to transmit using your hands. It’s energy; take or send it like you would any other. Directions: Know that  Reiki energy has a source somewhere on another plane and can communicate like any spirit. Direct your will to mentally go there; ask your guides for help if needed. Ask the Reiki for some energy and it will send. If you’re experienced with energy work, you’ll feel it. You can always ask it to resend again later.

Regardless of the energy’s source, it’s best to give thanks each time.

Important notes: Healing energy can cause drowsiness. Avoid receiving it before working, driving, etc. until you acclimate. Your body and mind need rest periods between healings. Consume plenty of protein and drink a gallon-plus of water daily to flush out toxins that come loose during the process. You might notice some temporary symptoms, e.g. darker urine and fatigue. Emotional symptoms can also occur; they’re growing pains.

Some people can feed from healing energies, which is fine. Also, vampirism isn’t a disorder to be healed, unless a non-vampire develops symptoms due to a damaged energy body. Sometimes it does help people to feed more efficiently and to clear chakras to find new energies, however.

There are individuals whose unconscious selves prohibit them from healing this way. I’ve sent energy to others and had it blocked, either because I forgot to ask permission or the person wasn’t supposed to receive it, e.g. the plan for their life was to deal with injuries a different way.

Have questions or need help? Feel free to message me. Sometimes it helps for me to send Reiki to you, then you can trace the energy’s source and ask it for more as needed.

~John at Singing Tarot, Readings for the Vampire Community (and everyone else)


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I'm a shaman and an energy worker. I have a business called Singing Tarot where I give readings for vampires and non-vampires alike.
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