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core feeding

Core Feeding


Disclaimer: This is not condoning folks who may use this for vile purposes and should be used to learn. Thank you.

What is core feeding? Is it dangerous? How would one protect against it? Or even do it themselves?

Core feeding is literally feeding on the core energy of a person. Some might call it life force, chi, or the soul even. You are feeding very deep into the person as opposed to just surface or emotion feeding that they give off.

It can be very dangerous and hurt a person. Ive heard of it even leading to death if not done with care. Some dangers that are immediate can be the person passing out, getting sick or having odd mental results such as: memory loss, different behaviors, etc.

So with how dangerous it is and how it can be learned and used how would one protect against it? That is a real good question and there are a few ways one can protect against such a thing. Shields(not basic ones, but very advanced ones) can help in some ways depending on the person who is trying to core feed. Though shields are not the method I would choose it can work to an extent.

Another method would be shifting your “self” from the current plane to another. It normally breaks the connection they have and forces them to try and find you again. Though normally they will not know where you went so it becomes fruitless.

A third method would be once you feel them start to feed, reach out and grab them. Pulling them in close so they risk feeding on themselves instead of or with you. Although this is more a Ill take damage to stop you method and can of course also hurt you in the end. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do after all.

The fourth method I will mention is the method I call “stabbie”. In this method once you feel them start to feed you pull your energy into a sharp shape. Like a needle, spear point, sword or whatever works best for you. Feel exactly where they are feeding from and push your sharp energy right thru the feeding spot into their connection and thru it into them. The result is really effective and can normally cause damage on the person who is stabbed with it.

So we have discussed what it is, the dangers of it and how to defend against it, but what about how to do it? Well sometimes there are some psi vamps or kin who need to feed more than just off surface. They should only do this with express permission and with the knowledge of what can happen if one takes to much or does it wrong.

How one core feeds is a bit simple but will take some practice normally. You find someone who agrees to let you first. After that focus on them, feel the normal energies and aura they give off. Then push your way past that and “in” to their chest. You may see a pit or darkness. Go into it, there will be a glowing energy right past that. Then you simply feed on that normal like you would regular energy.

I hope this helps some folks on the dangers, protections and a new feeding method! Any questions feel free to ask.


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