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DreamWalking How To

Dreamwalking is where one goes into another’s dream as opposed to staying in their own. This of course can be good and bad. But before we get into all the fun and unfun things let us start with what you will need to learn first: Lucid Dreaming

Once you have learned lucid dreaming you will be ready to move onto the next step. One thing to remember is dreams are not the astral. They are unique to the internal world and mind of the person having them. Normally, no “travelling” occurs and if it ever does it tends to be falling into another’s dream (dreamwalking) or simple OBE (Out of body Experience) which are both different than astral travel.

A good example of dreams and dreamwalking is the old cartoons or even the spongebob episode. You remember the ones. The little bubble/cloud above the sleeping characters head and somehow the one falls out of their dream and goes and jumps into others’ clouds to see what they are dreaming. That is basically dreamwalking. It works really similar. It is hard and easy at the same time especially since you are never leaving this realm per se to do so.

So the two skills you need to learn before learning how to dream walk is to learn how to lucid dream and how to do OBE.

After one has learned lucid dreaming, one will be able to realize when they are dreaming.

Here comes the hard part: pushing yourself out of that dream, like when you do OBE while still asleep into the physical realm. This can be achieved in a few ways but will take a lot of practice as you will wake up a lot for awhile trying this.  A few ways is to feel yourself falling out of the dream back to a waking state…then stopping halfway. This however can trigger a “night terror” type attack or situation for you so it is not without some danger. Of course a lot of the time you will simply skip past that and wake up without that happening. But the other can indeed happen.

Another would be figuring out whose dream you want to go to and creating a “portal” in your lucid dream that would transport or connect you to theirs. This can also be hard and takes time to do as it could simply lead to you dreaming it and not actually doing it.

Once inside another’s dream and walking around, you and the other person will experience the dream the same way you both normally do. However, you will have control over yourself. Knowing that it is a dream, even if it is not your own, will keep you normally pretty safe. Unless the other living person in the dream decides to try and attack you or something.

(Beware a Dreamwalker)

If they do this it is best to leave or risk getting hurt or hurting them. As it is their dream, they can control whatever you may try to do to them or throw at them to slow them down, after all.

So that leads to how to get out or get back. Normally strong stimuli work. Like poking or hurting your hand for instance. Since you are lucid, it should not to be hard to simply fall back into wakefullness. Effectively pulling yourself back to your body by doing so.

But you may get an odd message or call about the crazy dream they had with you in it the next morning.

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