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Dissolving newager kin untruths: Demonkin

I’m sure this may sound like a half rant but so be it. It is becoming increasingly clear that the old definition of demonkin was just too much for the current trending. Tumblr has taken over as a source of knowledge in this so called modern time. There is an obsession with labels that overwhelms even the basic concepts of what it means to truly discover yourself as a kin. This used to a deep soul searching and reflection not a tumblr search.
So there are a few topics I would like to hit on. They are going to be based off of what it means to be demon. As in what does lore say about demons around the world and what is a common trait in demonkin.
The first one is feeding. Pick a culture and we can find examples of how this happens. It can and will be described in multiple ways from simply feeding off of your fear which is a current view point for many to consuming your entire body and that being why people disappear.
Energy feeding. This is done in so many ways and this includes succubus and incubus types. First mentioned is fear. Now any quick Google search will give you a mass of stories here. The quirk for some is that the demon or demonkin excites emotion before feeding. Stress, fear, hate and other strong emotions are on the list of what they seek and when these emotions are achieved they will proceed in tapping that energy to take it into themselves. This is not about your lust or enjoying it even though it may go hand in hand. I love cookies and lust after a good no bake cookie but I am not a cookie monster kin. Feeding is something that is all consuming. Either yourself or your source.

What I mean by that is you will have to do it or you will get sick. This is what differentiates need from likes and desire. If you feed, which is common enough with demons and demonkin, you need to do it to stay healthy both mentally and even physically sometimes. To common anymore is the saying that “I make them enjoy me or enjoy sex” this has almost nothing to do with being a succubus or incubus. Spend some good time researching them. If this is what you are it is very strongly food motivated to the point where it is not uncommon to cause harm to the source you are feeding on if you are not being careful. If you do not feed you will get sick. If you can go without sex without getting sick and you understand how the human body works as far as having desires and what not (please don’t make me discuss the birds and bees and how babies can be made because people are only human with human desires blah blah blah) then you are not a succubus or incubus.
I have absolutely no desire to discuss how actual feeding is done because it is not a toy to be played with or tested as some would say. Especially when it comes to blood. But as far as getting sick goes when you start going without you can experience symptoms similar to what you’d feel if you’re physically hungry. The focus on what you need starts out small. You’ll think of it here and there. Then gradually it becomes more and more into the direct line of sight. You start thinking of it all the time. It can make your breath short and your mind feel scattered. Your body ache, your head pound and your chest feel empty. Maybe you even start to feel cold or shaky. Till all you want to do is lay your hands or lips on something and feel that energy pour into you. Like finding water in the desert when you’ve wondered for days. So. If you don’t get sick then you don’t have to feed and I you don’t have to feed you are not a vampire, incubus, or a succubus. At this point I would hope it would be clear. If you do feed it doesn’t make you half a vampire either. Because demons can feed. It’s a fact of life for many of us. But knowing that doesn’t need a label that a vampire is a different category altogether.
Emotions. Feeling or lack of feeling is a part of our existence. Demonkin are as prone as demons in lore to have strong emotions or opinions either way in things. It happens that we feel cold or empty inside especially in direction to certain topics. Or we can do the reverse and explode. Accepting and acknowledging this does not make it functional in this world. In fact, it can and probably will get you into trouble if you don’t learn how to control or cover it. It is a fact of life that you are living. While you sit at your computer or play on your phone, you are participating in a human world and what we are is no excuse for how we act. Being void of feelings doesn’t mean you can’t find a quiet empty place that can’t soothe you. Or maybe you need a crowded shopping center to do the same thing. Not gonna lie. The shopping center horrifies me. Can not stand that a many people that close to me. Gives me a headache. But maybe it’s just the right thing for you. Feelings, however, are not a kin type. Understanding where we come from is a classification that can help separate different types of demons. Since there are so many of us, we have a massive range of origins that follows with our massive range of looks. There is a classification of voidkin and there are voidkin in here. But that means coming from the void as far as their origins not their current feelings.
Depression in demonkin. This is serious and it is common. There has been enough of us that have committed suicide because we can not deal with or stand this current situation. Please. If you are depressed then seek help. Whatever we are or whatever we feel can really clash with what we see in the mirror. It’s wrong. Our skin feels wrong and being here is wrong. But we at here and since we are we should try to make something if it that we enjoy. If you need help then by all means get some. There is nothing wrong in having a little hope for something better when you need a little hope. And no. Humans in general or doctors may not understand the kin stuff but it doesn’t mean they can’t help you.

That’s it for now. Just please. Never underestimate the value of research into different types of lore or mythology when it comes to kin things. Kin didn’t just start after all. Lore is not an exact science but it doesn’t meant there are no answers within it.

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