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Through a Donor’s Eyes

Hello. I’m Michelle and I’m a donor. What that means, at least to me, is that I choose to donate both blood and/or energy to real living vampires. There are many like me that identify like me, but rather than use the term donor, they would say that they are a swan in the community.

Swans do differ a bit from donor as swans feel they have a special need to donate that they become ill either emotionally or even physically if they do not donate on a regular basis. The kinda of swans are further divided  into the kinds of vampires they donate to.

I can relate to the need to donate on some level but I myself do not identify as a swan. I am simply a donor. I choose to donate purely out of compassion and desire to help. I do get enjoyment and even some benefits in donating, but I do not suffer any side effects or problems if I do not donate.

The benefits vary depending on whom I am donating to and what I am donating. Some of the benefits are just a sense of accomplishment for helping another person. Another is that I sleep much better and sounder after donating. I suffer a bit from insomnia and anxiety so donating for me is very calming and relaxing.

Often, I am asked why I would choose to be a donor. It’s a simple answer really. I enjoy being around vampires. There is something uniquely different about them and I find them fascinating. Vampires are just like everyone else, mostly good and wonderful individuals, who unlike everyone else happen to have a special need for something that I have that I can offer. So why not help. Besides, there really is a need for clean, healthy, mostly sane, (LOL) donors like me.

Before I ever actually donated, I did a lot of asking questions to both vamps and donors/swans in the community. I read all the materials that are available on safety, and what I needed to do in order to do it correctly such as Zaar’s Donor Bill of Rights, which I highly recommend to every single person thinking about donating. They should at least read it before ever actually donating, especially when considering donating blood.

After making the decision to donate, I was ready so I just kind of waited to be approached by a vampire in need of a donor. I have only one vampire at the moment that I donate to regularly but I do occasionally donate to others on special request. I have donated to psy, sang, hybrid, and tantric vampires. I do not have a preference as to which type I donate to. Every vampire and the way they feed is so very unique and different even those that belong to the same type.

The one vampire I donate to now is a hybrid. I call him my master vampire because we also have a BDSM relationship which is somewhat interwoven with our vampire/donor relationship. We don’t often do blood feedings but when we do it’s like this. He cleans an area just below the collar bone and then uses a small new sterile blade to make a tiny cut and then uses his mouth to feed from the wound. Afterwards he cleans the area and then if needed, puts a band aid on it.

Usually, when he feeds there is a sexual element going on, but not always. I will spare you the details on that. LOL. We also do a very simple energy feeding almost daily. For this type of feeding, we simply lay down next to each other and hold hands or just snuggle. I lower my shields and he draws the energy out. He will draw my negative energy from me first and if he needs it, he will draw a little of my light energy as well. Afterwards, I typically fall asleep, as it’s very calming and enjoyable.

The other type of feeding I do right now with a different vampire, who has become a good friend of mine, is called a cyber feeding. I only do that now with this one vampire whom I trust with my life. He is very powerful and it’s quite intense. We do it either online or over the phone. He does almost all of the talking as he puts me in a trance-like state first. He is, through his own magic, able to move through space and come to wherever I am. He always feeds from my neck with his teeth. I can feel the bite and the pull of blood energy being taken from my body. It’s a strange painful yet exhilarating feeling. I am able to sense him hear me. When he has finished feeding, he always makes sure that I’m okay and then tells me to sleep which I almost always do. I always wake feeling refreshed and good.

I am very selective as to whom I donate to. I have to know the vampire on a personal level before I donate. That’s the great thing about being a donor. I get to choose who, when, where, how much. etc.

Honestly, in the very beginning I had a couple of minor run-ins with vampires trying to feed from me from a distance or cyber feeding. Since no real lasting damage was done, I moved on and did not let it affect my decision to be a donor. This led me to learn blocking or shielding as a defense against this type of thing. Since I have learned how to shield and use it all the time, I have not had a problem. I have not really had a vampire since that time not respect my wishes. Maybe I’m just lucky but I would rather believe I’m careful.

There are a lot of folks who say they want to be donors for various reasons. Usually the wrong reasons. They often are sought out by bad vampires as easy targets. A good vampire will look for a donor who knows what he/she is getting into and a lot of verbal exchange between the two is done before ever there is an actual feeding. My advice to folks who truly want to be respected donors and find good vampires is this: take your time, read everything, practice safe donating, read the Donor bill of rights, and lastly let your vampire come to you. Don’t go advertising that you are looking to get fed from.

I enjoy being a donor. I like helping my friends and those I love and care about. As long as there is a need for me to donate, and nice respectable vampires who wish to take me on as their donor I don’t ever see myself stopping.

© 2016 The Shadow Sage