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In the therian world there tends to be those who do not fit in the therian mode or definition. In the past they were called weres, or garou or what have you. They tend to be more physical, more bestial, or more primal if you will. A lot tend to be bullied or told they are nuts or living in a fantasy. They really do not get much help in the current atmospheres online.

The biggest thing for the primal is learning control, balance, taming the beast so to speak. This can be a very hard, grueling, and long process.  The best way I have personally found is balance. Balancing out the beast and the human intellect and control. Becoming essentially one. Some ways this can work is compromise as well. Letting the beast out to run free in a safe setting. Food that the primal side seems to crave or be drawn to once a week or so. All of these things can help appease it and help you keep control even when you are in “primal mode”.

Other things to do is letting it out in a safe setting and rather than fight it or try to regain control, simply slide in slowly. Becoming more aware of the primal nature that is in control and slowly and gently like talking to a scared or angry animal soothing it until you are also in control and can make decisions while in that mindset. It takes a lot of time and is best done with a partner that one can trust to help out.

Issues that can happen when one awakens to the primal nature or even when shifting or if they are always in a half way primal state is heightened senses, odd urges, and even extra speed or more muscle strength. Although it may sound rpgish it seems to be mostly fueled like an adrenaline rush. Where your muscles exert more power or you use more than normal. However it tends to last much longer than adrenaline. For this learning how to tone down the senses, control the urges, and learn to gauge the strength or speed of your current muscle state is of most importance.

Some ways to control the urges goes back to what we have already covered. For muscles it is easiest to get a cheap cup that is plastic and test how you grab it. Toning down senses requires more skill and work though. Focusing on the sense and picturing a dial knob in your head is the best way I have found. Do that and slowly turn it down. There may be some resistance at first or in some cases every time.

Can the primals physically shift? More than likely not, but even if they could, why would they ever tell anyone? Most freak out when one says physical but primals are not talking about physical shifting. They are meaning simply physical changes or effects that happens when their primal nature is out or at it’s peak.

Learning to meditate, use stress balls or other stress relief can also help with strong emotions and staying in control. As strong emotions tend to lead to losing control, or at the least, the beast inside rising closer to the surface.

I do hope this small guide on primals is helpful. Any questions always feel free to ask!

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Damien Ferguson

I am DarkAngelDamien, or Damien Ferguson depending on where you know me from in the community! I have been around the vampire, therian, otherkin and magic communities for many years. In those years I have learned a lot, asked a lot of questions and seen a lot. So I want to share with you the things I have learned.
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