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Feather Exercise

In this exercise you will learning to use your own energy to manipulate things around you as well as hopefully getting a step into some elemental workings. So lets explain things a bit before it starts sounding like science fiction. We are going to start with a simple feather. Nothing to big. Preferably something that would fit in your hands or your palm. Now we want to make the feather as free as possible so that it can react easily to outside stimuli. Take a thread and tie it to the shaft of the feather. Now take the thread and extend it enough to either tape or tack it to the ceiling or some other surface that would allow it to hang down in front of you.
Now that it is hanging, lets be practical with this. Feathers are very reactive to air currents so fans, air conditioning really need to be off or not moving for this or its going to look like some spectacular results every time they go off. Same goes with body movements. Stay as still as possible to limit any undue influence. Another thing is static. Feathers are like those single hairs that stick to your clothes. To see realistic results, wash your hands and pat them dry before you start to get rid of static. And try not to drag your feet. Its funny, yes. But its cheating too. 🙂
Lets start the same way we have with other exercises. Breathing first to relax and get control of your energy. Breath in from your stomach not your chest for a count of four. Hold for a moment. Then breath out for a count of four slowly and hold a moment. Do this for a minute or two till you feel more relaxed and ready to continue. Now do you remember the feel of your energy? Rub your hands together and slowly pull them apart. Do you feel your energy now? If you can then lets proceed. Test your hands around the feather. One at a time or both. To the sides of the feather or underneath. Static is after all a type of energy so you should see similar reactions. It may twist a little or spin. It may pull towards your hand or push away like your a magnet facing the wrong direction. Focus on what you want the feather to do. Send your energy off of your hand like little fingers and try to spin the feather one direction or another.
Now to take it a step further. If there is a particular sigil, symbol, wording you use or chant during ritual to connect to the elements then go ahead and use it at this time. If not or if you want to try something a little easier then lets try some visualization to assist us. Close your eyes and visualize what the wind feels like on your skin. The sound of it around you. Swishing back and forth like wind is prone to do when it pushes different directions. Now direct that down to your hands. Feel it around your hands and send it to the feather to direct its movement. This is going to be the last step but more. You want to effect it with the same movements but you are reaching for the air to do it for you now. If a chant or calling of the elements helps then give it a go. In the very least it aids in the direction of your focus on using the element rather then just your raw energy. You can try something as simple as “I call upon the element of air. Hear me and come to me. Rush to my hands and heed my directions.” If you do call the element please say a thank you after as a respect for what was answering you.

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