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Controlling your phantom shifts



This is both easier and maybe more difficult than you think. So many people may tell you that it simply isn’t possible but that’s just not true. It just takes work and self control. The best thing you can do before you start is to let go of any preconceived notions you have. Lack of belief or long held doubt simply won’t help you here.

We are starting with the exercise based off of the assumption that you are familiar with what you are. If you aren’t then you should really go back to continuing your investigation into self discovery first. No sense risking setting yourself behind by creating false shifts.

What is a phantom shift? A phantom shift or phantom limbs is when your energy traces where your limbs or body would be if it was not in your human form creating the phantom limb syndrome. This is much like what someone who had lost a limb would feel. Depending on the degree of your awareness or the amount of energy invested, you can feel the limb as if it really is there even though it is not. Some even experience pain around such locations like wings as their body reacts to the non physical limb.

Why would you want to learn to trigger this sensation? Why not? And if you can trigger it then it makes sense that you can reverse it as well. So let’s go for triggering one first. Since this is the easier of the two and is more akin to blowing up a balloon rather then the reverse which would be trying to swallow all the air from the balloon. You should know how your side looks. You should have researched if there was anything to researched and you’ve probably experienced shifts before helping you learn how your limbs feel.

We are going to build off of that. Start by relaxing. Take your deep breaths to calm yourself down and help yourself become more aware of your energy and how it sits with you. Now in your mind start thinking of the limb your going to focus on. Let’s say it’s a tail. Remember how that tail has felt on the past if you have had phantom shifts before. Where it sat exactly. It’s weight. How fuzzy or slim it was. Now while your thinking on it, let your personal energy follow your thoughts. Bring that energy that feels more closely related to that aspect of yourself to the surface a little at a time each time you breath. If the limb moves then move it. Letting it take on its true form. Rather then forcing it, see it as relaxing and letting it naturally fill in. Take time outs to see how it is working and re-evaluate your progress.

Don’t be critical if it doesn’t seem to be working. Relax. Maybe try ears instead of a tail. Self evaluation is a good thing of its not working quite right because it’s better to be sure of what you are then to have doubt that may be effecting an outcome. Whatever happens, have fun. Don’t be critical.

Now to reverse it. I won’t lie. It’s not always fun. Like I said earlier. Some have compared it to trying to inhale a balloon after they blew it up. There can be a pressure involved simply because your bringing that outside energy back in. If this is the case then grounding helps a lot. So you have your limb. Calm your breathing again so you can get better control. Now feeling your energy, think human thoughts. I know that sounds silly but it helps.

Bring your energy back in bit by bit and trace your human form. Focus on things physically there or physical textures with your hands. You want to pull that energy back in to your own personal human shipped bubble. If you start feeling to much pressure then go ahead and ground yourself. Put your hands down and release some of that energy back into the ground. When you feel like you’ve made progress them go get something to eat or drink. This helps really remind your body on its physical form and functions like a reality check.

Hopefully this helps. It usually comes off sounding easy enough but it either is or it isn’t. Try doing a little at a time and don’t let frustration control your results.

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