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Gummies! and Other Blood Candy

There has been a lot of talk about making “blood gummies“lately and we decided to delve in and see how hard it would actually be.

What you really need is about 40 minutes, four ingredients, a couple of utensils and if you want, some silicone molds.

(How to make your own molds)

Water, sugar, gelatin, and flavoring are the four basic ingredients. Agar can be used as substitute for the vegetarians as gelatin is an animal by product while agar is made from seaweed. Some more advanced types have more, like sorbitol but we are simply going with the bare basic for this. Water and gelatin of course when heated, blended and cooled together naturally form a gummy type candy.

The basic steps include heating 1/3 – 1/2 cup of cold water over a saucepan with the heat turned low, then adding 20 grams or two tablespoons of unflavored gelatin and one full package of flavored gelatin to the water. Stir it slowly until all the gelatin dissolves then pour them into molds, then let it set.(1)

Since the gummy candy can be made in different manners, with flavoring or natural flavors, you can also experiment with how to do it. You can make gummy bears in almost any flavor, using different combinations of freshly squeezed juices (about a cup) or pureed fruits (around 1/3 cup) or a few drops of essential oils.

Or in this case blood.

Remember to strain the blood first to remove the clumps.  Since blood has a metallic taste, you might want to use it with other flavors, adjusting the amount as necessary. Surprisingly, blood goes well with acid, so you might want to try the flavors that are on the sour side like lemon and orange. Some techniques recommend for the the ingredients, except the gelatin, to be mixed together first before the gelatin can be added, while some recommend for the fruit juices/fruit puree be added after the gelatin has been melted into the mix. To keep it sweet and candy like, you can add 2 tablespoons of honey.

You can experiment and see what works for you. Just remember that one tablespoon of gelatin will set two cups of liquid. (2)

Aside from blood gummies, there are other foodstuff that one can make with blood.

The Nordic Food Lab, have discovered that blood is a good substitute for eggs in many recipes, due to the similarity of their protein compositions. They both have the albumin protein—the serum albumin in blood and the ova albumin in egg, which have the same content and the same properties because they’re basically the same protein. So they will have the same foaming, coagulation, and emulsifying properties. (3)

  • 1 egg (approx. 58 g/unit) = 65 g of blood
  • 1 egg white (approx. 33 g/unit) = 43 g of blood

Which means you can use it in pancakes, cakes, even meringue! And who can forget the tasty Sanguinaccio!

(Everything You Need to Know About Cooking with Blood)

So with some ideas on how to use blood in cooking and some blood chocolate how well would it do in gummies? It is a good question. From what we have seen, a lot of people seem interested in it and since gummy bears are generally easy to do, some folks might want to try making them on their own too.

Some Candies currently using such ideas include this:

Russian caramels made from real cow’s blood, called Gematogenka, these sweet, chewy caramels are made from sugar, molasses, lecithin, salt, hemoglobin, and a bunch of vitamins. I was expecting an iron aftertaste (like drinking from a rusty cooler), but with the exception of some gritty-ness, there’s absolutely nothing bizarre-tasting about them. Not even an “off” smell. In fact, from its shiny, rainbow wrapper, to the happy, brawny, bird-man mascot emblazoned on it, everything about this chocolate colored candy reeks of innocence. Apparently, it is Russia’s equivalent to gummy bear vitamins —a treat to trick kids into taking supplements so that they grow tall and strong (like the bird-man mascot).

Hematogen is a nutrition bar, which is notable in that one of its main ingredients is black food albumin taken from processed cow’s blood. Other ingredients may vary, but usually they’re sugar, milk, vanillin. (4) A “biologically active” food, these blood caramels are widely available in pharmacy candy aisles in Russia, and commonly used to treat anemia. In the States, you’ll find them in Russian groceries around Brooklyn, NY, or online. Each pack contains five individually-wrapped, completely unremarkable-looking tabs of candy—perfect for treating squeamish housemates to.(5)

Ordered one of these bars as of this writing from this site to see how it is. Will let you all know!


(1) How To Make Gummy Bears – Sweet Pete’s All Natural Gummy Bears
(2) 5 Tips for Working with Gelatin
(3) Everything You Need to Know About Cooking with Blood An interview with “blood lady,”     Elisabeth Paul
(4) Wikipedia
(5) Ninja Russian Blood Candy

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