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Elemental Feeding

Elemental Feeding


Elemental vampires feed directly on the life force energies of the elements in nature.Perhaps even by converting. Some might be able to exclusively feed on these forces, without any supplement. But to me, as a Sang, elemental feeding IS the supplement, until a donor comes available. Not only (psi/sang) vampires feed this way, but folks who are into magick also tend to use elements in some cases to power their workings.

How to describe the energy? Before a thunderstorm you can feel the building up of pressure in the air. I think most people can sense this pressure. During the storm, the lightning releases huge amounts of energy through light; pure energy which passes through the air. Charged air. Feeding from this gives a highly charged feeling itself. And if absorbed too much, you might even feel very hyper active. How to do it? Just take it directly from the surrounding air. Different types of weather give different energies.

In the fall there are lots of strong, windy days. My family calls it witch weather. The wind is strong, wild, and a great opportunity to feed from. Although you might find it more difficult than from feeding from a thunderstorm, this might help: Stand firm on the ground. Feel your feet connect with the earth. When you have a solid grounding achieved, move a little like a tree in the wind, but keep your feet on the ground. Think about your aura. Imagine/visualize your aura as a sort of screen or wing like structure, which can absorb the energy and like a battery, fully charged give it to your body. If you are good at this, you can directly let your body absorb it.

I like to open my hands and feel the energy from the strong wind go through my hands and then go up into my body. Days filled with lots of sun (clear sky) will not bring me energy, it costs me energy. Feeling somehow a bit drained. Solar radiation is pure torture, headaches, nausea, burned and open skin and an overall “bleh” feeling (lethargic?). Rainy days I find very pleasant. Although I find this not so efficient as thunderstorms or feeding directly from the earth (I will go to that a sec), I do enjoy the smell, the feeling nature itself gives me. The freshness, the cleaning process. I like making a walk, and absorb the energy while walking.

Waterfalls produce a lot of energy, if you happen to live near one of those, you will find a good source to feed on. Feeding from the earth is a great and easy method. Find a piece of soft ground, put your hands in it and bring the energy up through the fingers into your body and energy system. With both feet on the ground you can also give things like negative energy, and used up energy, back to the earth. Let it circulate. Pure clean energy in and negative, used energy out. Plants and esp. trees are good way to feed from. They make contact with the earth. Do not try to feed of a tiny houseplant, the poor thing will die in the end. Even bigger plants might not give a sufficient “meal”, but it will do. Trees however who are here for many years and many years to come, is somehow a little different.It is like having a donor.

It feels for me like a kind of human being you can connect with. A soul. Act with respect and you get a lot back. Embrace the tree, feel the connection and you get a great feed, till the tree decides it is enough and you better “listen” to that feeling, otherwise it might take the energy back from you. Like a good partnership. And then there is fire. Although it gives a great amount of energy (light and heat). It is one of the ones I tend to use the least.

The last thing I will talk about here on the subject is the element of fire. Fire is raw, heat, passion, chaos, controlled, and many many things!

Fire energy can be felt anywhere. It is not simply about the flame and its dance, anything that causes friction causes heat which leads to fire. It is easy to absorb as we ofcourse create friction ourselves constantly, giving ourselves a constant source. Feeling like you have a fever, or sweating or dizzy are good signs you have had enough of the fire energy! The element of fire can be used for many things and feeding off it can have great boons

Other Source (for fire element feeding): http://thevampireproject.blogspot.nl/2009/01/elemental-feedin

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