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Real Benefits of Being Drained


I’m a shaman and an energy worker. I have a business called Singing Tarot where I give readings for vampires and non-vampires alike.

Real Benefits of Being Drained

Guilty feelings are common throughout the vampire community, among both sangs and psis. It’s natural to focus on what one takes after experiencing the effects of not having enough. The logical side knows that most donors have more than enough to give, but the emotional mind forgets this.

Some facts to put this into perspective:

  1. Energy body pathways roughly overlap the physical body’s major blood vessels, keeping non-vampires’ blood saturated. It’s therefore difficult for nonvamp donors to give too much sang energy (energy inside blood) to one person. Problems arise when donating to too many people or giving far more than needed. (A sang feeding is very different from simple bleeding, as the energy transfers directly from one party to another and continues transferring for days or weeks afterward, whereas simple bleeding doesn’t seem to transfer the energy, keeping the sang energy itself as part of the donor’s energy body regardless of where the blood goes. This is based on shamanic viewing; I don’t know how or why. Attuned participants often feel their connection during that period.)
  2. Although my experience runs counter to the “medical sang” view, I will address it: The relatively small amount of blood most vampires take is barely significant and replenishes itself very quickly. The body constantly produces blood.
  3. Psi energy is often used as a catch-all term, but suffice it to say that psi energies (core, emotional, sexual, etc.) don’t usually “run low” in nonvamps except via overfeeding. This is more likely to occur with tantric feeding, or with psi feeding from only one person. Taking moderate amounts from multiple people can prevent this.

This said, energy bodies develop points of stagnation and other inefficiencies over time, and draining someone truly helps to clear them. If you talk to your spirit guides, ask them to indicate where to point your tendrils to truly help someone facing emotional or other energetic stagnation. (Our guides always know what we’re thinking, so even if you’re not aware of them, just point your thoughts toward them and ask/pray for direction; they might answer you subconsciously.) This really does help donors to overcome emotional hurdles!

During my vision quest, my spirit guides drained me extensively and unclogged a great deal of baggage. While it’s imprudent to always ask permission before psi feeding, it’s more important before taking extremely large amounts. Moderate amounts shouldn’t have anywhere near such a dramatic effect.

Tantric (a specific sexual energy) is different. I’ve heard of rare cases where someone extracted too much, leaving the donor bedridden. Sometimes the best course is to try and limit what you take from a given person at the first encounter, and build up from there as you discover where his/her limit is. It also causes strong donor bonds somewhat similar to blood bonds, so learn to cut them (see my post on this from November 2015 on this).

Other benefits? Sang donors often feel ecstatic. Symbiotic giving in general tends to be a very uplifting experience, releasing oxytocin and other feel-good chemicals. And tantric sex is to die for!

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Singing Tarot(In Memory)

Healer at The Singing Tarot
I'm a shaman and an energy worker. I have a business called Singing Tarot where I give readings for vampires and non-vampires alike.
Singing Tarot(In Memory)
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