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Amy Mah – The GVC’s Own Donald Trump

Now there has been much talk and whispers about the latest incident of Amy Mah creating a group (V.V.C) copying the original name of one of the most well known groups Voice of the Vampire Community. How very rude..


As all battles there has been a pro Amy and not-so-pro Amy sides. In reading the articles floating around opinions being throw like seeds hoping to take root. The main focus of the defensive in these opinions would be the conversation between Merticus and Amy herself where he asked her to please change the name

Item 1: http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/…/FacebookDiscussion…
Item 2: http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/…/AmyMah-ErinChapman…

In response, I should add, a long awaited response, since it went round and round through straight answers, through history and events such you will read above it came to a final-

It cannot be changed, I do not know how...’. Was the sad wail.

Yet a few days later an update arrived saying.’Matters has been concluded, name altered.’ All sorted, please no more discussion.

Of course the GVC buzzed with more discussions and questions.

What was going on?

How does one young vampire copy the old established name of a vampire group and claim ignorance of what she was doing and when politely asked, go round in circles like a politician defending his guilt.

One article that caught my attention is one posted in vampire community news comparing some of the GVC to Donald Trump.

Now I bet we all have mixed emotions about dear old American Trump and his doings.

Following that I had this wonderful circular conversation with Amy Mah herself. What a delight. In between the comments I noticed that when ever the incident from above was brought up she would revert to saying something about Donald Trump.

bored amy



It opened my eyes to look a little closer at what she was saying and I also made the comparison.

I did ask a very direct question.

“If you knew about the already excising group. Why make one with a name like it?”

     …..About 20 comments later it came out NO she did not… She did not make a group with the same name. Hmm..

Medication time Miss Amy,  yes you did, it was too close not know.

After a long wait through many circular comments avoiding straight answers. Histories theories and such it came down to Amy saying that she did not know that the name VVC was already taken. since Facebook told her that it did not exist as a previous group on Facebook.

Sooo…..She said she did not know that another group by the name VVC existed because it was not on ‘Facebook’. Hmmm

A few comments later she admitted to working with a few members of the VVC testing out research. This seem highly unlikely, why would they work with one that is copying old group names to sell her books?

And wait she’s now working with people of who’s group she did not know of?

Further more, she related to what she is doing to the works of Donald Trump.

Nyx: i shake my head at this. and still people blindly run after you. What a joke.

Amy : But still you do not understand why?…. well people like what I say and how I look at things Now where have we heard this before? oh yes Trump fans 😀

I then proceeded to ask her if she saw herself as the Trump of the GVC, and after yet again circling around a great deal, I got it out that NO, in my words that I put it.

She does not.

But she sure does to everyone else.

In between contradicting what she is saying, admitting to being bored and looking for something new to do and the government theories, money making and not being Trump.

Hmm… What is this teen vamp on and maybe the prescription needs increasing?

I think Becka Wood had a point recently, some in the GVC are like Donald Trump …….people like Amy Mah.

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